May 9, 2021

15 Things to Look for in Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

Everyone needs the help of auto and home insurance at some point. In fact, without having auto or home insurance, one risks heavy fines and tickets while driving their vehicle, and also losing their home. In addition, not having insurance can be a reason banks will deny someone a mortgage loan. Because of this, many […]

Habitat for Humanity Builds Great Houses For Those In Need

The video titled Helping Habitat for Humanity Build Sustainable Net Zero Homes starts with highlighting the relationships that Habitat for Humanity creates when they build homes for those that are in need and how this relationship helps to create and maintain pride within the homeowners in these communities. Anthony and Michael Gleason are some of […]

diy home repair tips

Fixit Clinic Moves Online to Promote Sustainability and Cut Costs Through DIY Repairs

Right now, many Americans are being forced to figure out how to fix their own appliances and household issues themselves in a way that they didn’t necessarily have to before. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was fairly easy to have home repairs taken care of by professionals, whether the issue had to do with […]

DIY Home Repair: Advanced Edition

Homeowners undertake home repairs and renovations for many reasons. Replacing outdated systems, repairing longstanding problems, or installing new technology can increase both the value of the home and the homeowner’s enjoyment of it. As you gain more confidence in your home repair and renovation skills, you might want to undertake more complicated projects. Here are […]