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There is a specific way to make pottery, but first, you have to have the right ceramics supplies for it. The most important pottery supply you will need is the clay. Potters use coils of clay, flat slabs of clay or solid clay balls that they hand mold, pinch and form into the clay body. The potter forms the clay body and then puts it into a very hot kiln. They call that firing. The heat evaporates the moisture so that your clay object dries, and hardens. From then on, it will hold its shape. After firing your clay objects you can then paint and decorate them to your heart’s content. Pottery glaze is also applied.

Some of the most common ceramics supplies, also called pottery supplies, include things like the pottery wheels, small kilns and so on. The potter’s wheels, first used in Mesopotamia back around 6,000 to 4,000 BCE, changed the whole way they made pottery objects. They also use to fire their pottery in open fire, not in kilns, as we do today.

Ceramics supplies are available at local ceramic stores or hobby shops. You can also buy your ceramics supplies online. In fact, when you buy ceramics supplies online, you will have a better selection and the benefit of better pricing.


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