Building Materials for an Eco Friendly Home

Are you planning to build your dream home? Can you picture it in your mind just the way you want it? Building a new home is an exciting event in a person’s life and it’s easy to get caught up on the aesthetics and layouts when you’re doing the planning. However, there is something else to consider and that is how you can build a more environmentally conscious home.

You can take your home construction to the next level with some cutting edge, green building materials. Not only are they eco friendly, but many of them are energy efficient and can save you money as you are living in your new home.

Recycled Steel Beams

When it comes to framing a home, many construction companies go straight to wood for their beams. It’s what’s been used for years and years and most people don’t give it a second thought. However, there is a more eco friendly option.

Recycled steel beams not only reuse recycled materials, but they save trees. They are also incredibly sturdy, so you know now your home will be structurally sound. Do away with wooden beams and make a more environmentally conscious choice.

Insulated Concrete Walls

This option leans more towards energy efficiency and it involves sandwiching concrete walls in between two layers of insulation. This helps to keep heat or cold in your home, and keep outside elements out. Lock in your air conditioning during hot months and lock in heat when it’s cold to cut back on your energy bill. Also, pre-cast concrete is more environmentally friendly and is recyclable, so it’s a great green choice as well.

Plant-Based Polyurethane Rigid Foam

This is one of the most diverse green building materials. Plant-based polyurethane rigid foam offers insulation, protection against pests, and eco friendliness all at once. It is made from hemp, bamboo, and kelp making it safe for the environment and it helps to lock heat in your home.

These green building materials are all great ways to create home that is not only more environmentally conscious, but that will save you money on your energy bill over the years. Talk with your contractor about using the possibility of using these items in the assembly of your home.

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