Are You Getting Ready to Update the Heating and Cooling System in Your Home?

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The pool is lovely. The water is refreshing, The ice cold drinks are cooling.
And while the afternoon spent at the pool is a great way to stay cool in summer heat, none of those poolside pleasures help once you go inside. When the temperatures reach the 90s and higher the need to stay cool in summer is as important in the house as it is outside by the pool. In fact, many would argue that residential cooling systems are the real key to finding a way to stay cool in summer heat waves.
If you have ever had air conditioning services fail on one of the hottest days of the year, you understand the importance of having a working HVAC system year round, especially during the hottest months of the year.
Air conditioners and dehumidifiers in the summer and furnaces and humidifiers in the winter are essential factors in controlling the comfort level of a home. When it comes to ways to stay cool in summer months, the need for a well working air conditioning system is extremely important. Once you realize that the air conditioner is important, however, many home owners move on to finding ways to make sure that their cooling systems are running as efficiently as possible.
The pool may be a great way to make sure that you stay cool when you are outside, but the majority of our lives are spent indoors and those temperatures rely on efficient and affordable cooling systems.

  • Statistics indicate that the average American home spends nearly 2.7% of their income on energy bills. This percentage equals a $2,000 a year, and for many home owners this is a significant amount of their yearly income. Finding a way to get the most cooling benefits, while at the same time finding an efficient way to achieve this, is important to most home owners in the U.S.
  • Unless you take the time to have your current heating and cooling systems serviced, you may not know that your air conditioner and furnace are not running as efficiently as they should.
  • Many heating and cooling companies offer preventative maintenance service contracts that are fairly low-priced, costing as little as $70 to $100. With these contracts, the visiting HVAC professionals will clean and service your heating and cooling units and replace your air filter.
  • Making sure that your home is both comfortable and energy efficient is a major task of many home owners.
  • Estimates indicate that as recently as 1993, only 68% of all occupied housing units had air conditioning.
  • Rebates from your local utility company, sometimes as high as $400 in some areas, are available to home owners who install new high-efficiency systems.

  • Instead of paying too much for your summer cooling bills, maybe it is time to see about upgrading your home’s current cooling system to a more efficient model.
  • Statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy indicate that heating and air conditioning your home take a 43% slice from your monthly utility bill.

  • Having a grren energy efficiency goal is cool. In fact, manufacturing companies are making the switch from the old standard refrigerant, R-22, to R-410A, and removing chlorine from air conditioning refrigerants to make these units more ozone friendly.
  • Estimates indicate that air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. this represents an annual cost of more than $11 billion to home owners.
  • Realizing the cost of heating and cooling bills gives home owners a chance to make as many energy saving steps as possible. Realizing the importance of proper insulation and thermostat settings can, for instance, help cut down on some of the costs.
  • Everyone wants to stay comfortable in the summer. On the hottest and most humid days, for example, having a cool home to come inside to is a welcome relief. Pools are cooling and relaxing when you are outside, but the inside cooling temperatures of a home have the biggest impact on your comfort level.

Are you ready for the heat and humidity of summer? As the school year comes to the an end and the hot temperatures of summer are just around the corner, it is important to make sure that your home is ready.

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