5 Key Benefits of Having Motorized Window Blinds

Energy efficiency is certainly a primary factor when building or remodeling a home. And one important technological solution that has proved to be both eco-friendly and energy efficient is the use of motorized window blinds.

Motorized shades help regulate heat gain and loss within your house by opening and closing at regular intervals. With the new breed of smart homes being developed, it’s even more possible to have the blinds automatically open and close based on pre-programmed conditions such as temperature and sunlight. This allows you to maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Here are some of the benefits of having windows with automated shades or blinds.

1.Energy Efficient
Integrating smart shades with your smart home hub can significantly reduce the amount your HVAC system consumes, This is made possible by allowing the blinds to react separately to stimulus from sunlight and temperatures sensors also integrated to the smart hub. Depending on the weather and temperatures changes, the blinds will open and close to condition your house and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Other than energy savings, convenience is yet another good reason homeowners prefer motorized window treatments, according to Angie’s List. Motorized shades can be remotely and simultaneously operated by use of a button, controller, or a smartphone application.

Essentially, this is what most people want, having the ability to control their home temperature in the comfort of their sofa. Smart blinds are also ideal especially if you have those hard to reach windows and since you can set a schedule, it makes the entire process effortless.

Unlike standard window treatments which feature cords, motorized blinds are cordless, meaning they are safe particularly for families that have small children. You won’t have to repeatedly keep your young ones from reaching the blinds.

Additionally, shades can also serve as an important safety feature in a smart home when connected to the smoke sensors also integrated into the smart hub. In the event fire is detected inside, the blinds will automatically open, allowing easy detection and prompt rescue services.

4.Serve as your alarm
Alarms can be annoying, so why not wake up to natural light in your room. You can schedule time for your blinds to open and allow in light when you want to get out of bed.

5.Increase your home’s value
Another benefit of installing motorized treatments on your windows is their ability to improve the value of your home. Home automation and green features are some of the desirable in the property industry. This means installing smart shades will not only minimize your utility bill and create a good ambiance in your home, but it will also influence the value of your house when it comes to selling it.

While you may be considering other energy-saving solutions, installing motorized window treatments is certainly inexpensive and convenient method to control the temperature in a home.

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