July 14, 2020

Water Bill Higher Than Normal? You Might Have A Leak

The end of month finally comes and it is time to pay your bills. You are expecting the usual easy-to-pay bill when all of a sudden the bill is hundreds of dollars more than usual. How could that be? Your water usage has not changed. You might have a leak that needs professional sewer repair […]

How to Reduce Your Household’s Water Waste From Fixing Leaky Faucets to Water-Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

On an annual basis, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that Americans waste over one trillion gallons of water. While there are a variety of reasons for this, the EPA reports that bad sprinkler systems, leaky faucets, and malfunctioning toilets are among them. Due to leaks alone, for instance, ten percent of American homes […]

The 5 Most Common Reasons to Call a Plumber

When finding a plumber for toilet repairs or other plumbing services, we tend to get a little embarrassed about whatever the problem is. But the truth is, plumbers have seen it all. Literally. Plumbing problems are not unique and the plumbing repairs that comes with it have all been done before, so there’s nothing for […]